Wave is a ‘curvy’ board system that accurately adapts his shape to the given spaces. Before you decide to get a wave(d) shelf a virtual 3D model of the room the shelf has to fit in will be generated (i.e. with pictures). Depending on your preferences regarding the shape, you can push and pull on the control-points of the generated shelf model within the design-machine Webpage (in development) and directly see the resulting shape. When the shape meets your design demands you push ‘print’ and all production data gets generated immediately inside the web application. The shelf will be produced at a CNC fabricator close to your place and delivered to your home after a few days. The whole concept of design adaptation, production and distribution is still in development but will soon be implemented at ”design-machine.com’l.  This presented prototype has been modeled, generated and produced with a 5-axis in cooperation with the Tischlerei Bächer GmbH.

November 2013     Germany Tischlerei Bächer GmbH / Massgeschreinert UG Hans Sachs Sebastian Bächer, Johann Eckartz, Jochen Robert