Orlov Act

As partner of ‘Flying Orlov UG’ responsive design studio is developing a software tool for form finding and the automated generation of all production data of the multimedia installation ‘OrlovAct’ for Pulkovo, St. Petersburg airport.

The Definition (software program) creates the production data including bending details (angle, tab size etc), bend allowance and all laser cutting files for the project. With this definition we could reduce productions costs (in comparison to standard 3D digital modelling) by more than 40%. In addition the definition can be used for all triangulated shapes.

So the final shape of the triangulated, hanging sculpture could be modified and defined even shortly before production and in the future many more of these complex installations – even in different shapes and sizes – could be produced immediately. In this project responsive design studio has worked on behalf of and in cooperation with superartitecture (http://www.superartitecture.me/) and for the Flying Orlov UG, Cologne.

01.04.2014     Superartitecture Studios, Köln-Ehrenfeld Superartitecture Studios Jonathan Haehn, Hans Sachs, Max Tyrakowski Flying Orlov UG, Alexander Speckmann, Excelsia GmbH, Photos: Paul Stiefler, Flying Orlov UG, Hans Sachs flyingorlov.com/