Manta is an art installation designed and realized in collaboration with meonia design studio for Facebook Canada. Manta symbolizes Facebook’s mission to make the world more open and connected. The piece is an infinite collection of triply periodic minimal surfaces -so called Gyroid- made of triangulated and interconnected 2mm acrylic panels. The surface was triangulated using a Grasshopper definition that provides all necessary digital fabrication and assembly data. The shape is composed of more than 7 Thousand pieces of clear acrylic glass that represent the more than 7 Billion people in the world in 2016. The pieces are connected to each other with more than 13 Thousand rivets. The acrylic glass represents the transparent approach adopted by the Facebook community.


June 2016     Toronto, Canada Facebook Hamia Aghaiemeybodi, Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Manuel Kretzer, Hans Sachs Rashid Chowdhury, Andrei Jipa, Lisa Kat, Paul Kozak, Yulia Marouda, Carolina Menezes, Pietro Odaglia, Joe Rogal