Durian is a 3D-folded bowl on the principal folding techniques by Ron Resch, “a visionary mathematician and designer who was one of first to explore the architectural potential of 3D tessellated structures in the 1960’s and 70’s” (arkinetblog). The bowl is made of Dibond, an aluminium composite material by 3A Composites. Due to the folding technique and the material composition the bowl has a minimum weight but maxiumum stiffness. If you order a bowl, it will be sent to you as a 37×37 cm plane sheet. This technique saves both shipping costs and energy and as it arrives at your home, you fold it to a 3D shape yourself and only you decide the level of folding and the final shape.

Available at Editor’s Collection Shop, morphe shop, rds bei DaWanda

November 2012     Germany Hans Sachs Sebastian Asam, Sebastian Bächer, Oliver Fritz, Welf Kirschner, Benjamin Windhoff