responsive design studio developed and realized the exhibiton design for “Architecture Particles” in collaboration with Studyo Architects, grossgestalten (graphics), MAKK and with kind support by Bayer Material Science and Ligaproduction.
The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln (MAKK) introduces a Year of Architecture for 2012. With a variety of exhibitions and special events for this theme, Architekturteilchen – Architectural Particle is the core performance focusing on the main principles of modular systems in the Digital Age. The aim is to promote a dialogue between the avant-garde of current planning methods and their historical background. Complementary to a historical overview on modular systems, the visitor will gain insight into methods of a modular approach, technological innovation and perspectives of the future. The structure of the exhibition follows the timeline of a production process: handcrafting, industrial and digital techniques.
The theme of the exhibition “Architectural Particles” is consistently implemented through a three-dimensional information system: modular octahedrons and tetrahedrons serve as the basic shapes and grids of all information displays, which seem to flow and evolve across the room.

Pictures: © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln: Marion Mennicken, Details / großgestalten kommunikationsdesign, Details

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May 2012     Germany Museum of Applied Arts Cologne Studyo Architects, responsive design studio, großgestalten kommunikationsdesign Olivia Ferguson-Losier, Ayşin Ipekçi, Hans Sachs, Johann Eckartz, Olivia Ferguson-Losier, Dr. Romana Breuer, Werbetechnik Kleiner, Prof. Oliver Fritz, Micheal Lautwein, Max Salzberger, Marc Over, Moritz Winkler