This cardboard light design has an expressive gestural verve. With its elegantly curved silhouette it represents a perfect connection between tradition and modernity. With a change of perspective on the lamp it produces a slight flicker effect within the lamp housing. This derives from superimposing the individual panels and leads to an gentle interference effect. Depending on the light bulb (diffuse / LED etc.) it can still create a smooth diffuse lighting.
The structure and components of the connector system are derived from a programmed 3D model and was produced on a energy-saving laser cutter.
The light will be sent to you as an assembly kit or -on your request -ready to hang-up.

Material               Paper white (Finn-cardboard)
Dimensions         diameter = 32 cm, height = 40 cm
Weight                750g
Usage                 indoor
Color                   white with dark edges

01.01.2015     Köln-Zollstock responsive design studio Hans Sachs