Guitar Knot

A guitar you cannot play on!

This project was a challenge. Together and on behalf of Bächer & Bergmann GmbH in Cologe we developed a Grasshopper 3D parametric 3D Modell that simplified and accelerated the form finding process. With this self developed tool we could play around with the model and create an endless amount of different shapes of the neck knot in order to finally choose the most beautiful one. The resulting 3D modell was then used to fabricate the wooden knot with a 5-Axis CNC milling machine at Bächer & Bergmann GmbH

A large part of the production process – allthough many would not believe so – was hand craft, especially the finishing process. Most of the time CNC production creates a huge amount or at least new sorts of hand crafting challenges in our projects. The beatiful finsihing of the whole guitar was done in a traditional guitar builder workshop at Stephan Reiter in Cologne-Mülheim. He also played the music for the video clip above.

The video was made by Mark Hammans.

01.08.2013     Köln-Zollstock Bächer & Bergmann GmbH Hans Sachs, Sebastian Bächer, Mark Hammans, Stephan Reiter