Cone V2

A second version of the Cone was designed for two events in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. First the structure was on display during the ‘Voodoo Experience Festival’ from Oct. 30 until Nov. 1. and then moved to an outdoor art exhibition at the ‘Botanical Gardens’ where it was shown until mid January 2010.

In order to simplify setup and increase durability all formerly wooden pieces were replaced by waterjet cut aluminum parts. These blades asured the necessary lightweightness, made the structure reusable and reflected lights in several directions. To emphasize the rotation effect and make illumination part of the installation an interactive lighting system was developed by David McCallum and Allan Day in Toronto. An Arduino micro controller measured direction and speed of the spinning structure and then transfered the signal via DMX to 12 high power led bars in 36 segments attached to the base platform.

Cone V2 has now become a Voodoo Art Icon and is shown every year.

September 2009     USA Voodoo Experience Festival Manuel Kretzer, Hans Sachs David McCallum, Allan Day