ShapeShift proposes a new possibility of architectural materialization and ‘organic’ kinetics. It explores the potential application of electroactive polymers (EAP) at an architectural scale.

EAPs are polymer-based actuators that convert electrical power into kinetic force and change their shape correspondingly. In the field of “active materials” EAPs stand out due to their large deformation potential, high response speed, low density and improved resilience. They are capable of strains up to 380 percent, extremely flexible, light, thin, transparent and can basically be tailored to any size or shape.

special thanks to:
Christa Jordi, Gabor Kovaks, EMPA

September 2010     Switzerland Chair for CAAD, ETH Zürich Manuel Kretzer Edyta Augustynowicz, Sofia Georgakopoulou, Dino Rossi, Stefanie Sixt Academic