M-CDC Workshop Material Construction

With their self-created software tools the students of M-CDC (Master of Computational Design and Construction) automatized and adapted processes of structural analysis, form finding as well as the creation of production data (G-Codes) for the available CNC machines. With these tools the students have been able to immediately create realistic prototypes considering principal material and processing details which of course, led to basic adaptations in the conceptual design. This way of „material thinking“ and process driven design represents a bottom up approach in design development, which, in combination with a comprehensive conceptual design thinking, has the potential to enable vivid, surprising creations and an alternative perspective to problem solving. The course was kindly supported by 3A Composites.

30.04.2013     Hochschule OWL, Fachbereich Architektur und Innenarchitektur, Detmold M-CDC Master of Computational Design and Construction Hans Sachs, Sebastian Bächer, Marco Hemmerling Ethan Kerber, Ghaith Tish, Muralimanoj, Tal Friedmann, Alexander Filies, 3A Composites AG m-cdc.de/design-material-production/#more-3023 Forschung