For the exhibition ‘FOLD’ at the Passagen 2014, Cologne, a pavilion made of 3000 vinyl records and a modular furniture landscape made of folded AluCoBond® octahedrons have been developed and realized by a team of young architecture students of CIAD (AKöln, Cologne University of Applied Sciences) and makers for the Passagen2014 in Cologne.

Hans Sachs of responsive design and former academic assistant at CIAD, Cologne Institute for Architectural Design, in cooperation with students of the Professorship CAD headed by Vertr. d. Prof. Julian Krüger at CIAD (Cologne Institute for Architectural Design), Superartitecture Studios, the Dingfabrik Köln e.V. (Cologne’s first FABLAB) realized two experimental architectural design installation on the Passagen 2014 by continuing the student’s elective course Folds ‘N’ Spaces (Summer 2013) at the faculty of Architecture at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The two installations have been developed with Rhinoceros 5 and Grasshopper 3D and CNC produced at the “Labor für Experimentelles Bauen” (faculty of architecture) and assembled in the big studios of superartitecture for the “Passagen 2014 Köln” from Jan 13th until Jan 19th 2014.
The projects have been kindly supported by 3A Composites and Kompakt.FM
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January 2014     Germany Passagen 2014, Cologne Jonathan Haehn, Marc Hemmers, Benjamin Kemper, Hans Sachs, Maxim Tyrakowski Martin Wisniowski, Alexander Speckmann, Max Salzberger, Sabina Priese, Felix Quecke, Benjamin Windhoff, 3A Composites / Kompakt FM / Labor für experimentelles Bauen (M. Waleczek) Fakultät für Architektur (FH Köln) / Passagen 2014 Köln Academic